*  Are you worried about your child’s eating?

*  Do you wonder if your child has an eating disorder?

*  If your child has been diagnosed, have you been feeling hopeless or helpless– trying endless treatment options without results?

*  Do you live somewhere where you do not have access to top notch treatment for your child’s eating disorder?

*  Are you exhausted?

*  Does nothing seem to work?

I understand your worries and fears. As a clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders for the past fifteen years, I have helped hundreds of families just like yours.  After treating many children and adolescents who have been through years of ineffective treatment, I became aware of the urgent need to get effective treatment to all who desire it.  — regardless of geographic location or financial status.

That is why I created One More Bite™


A digital course designed to help you help your child recover from an eating disorder.

Not just improve, but recover.

One More Bite™ is a digital program for parents and caregivers of children, adolescents, and young adults with eating disorders that is designed to help you help your child recover from an eating disorder.   Not just improve, but recover.  Using the principles of scientifically validated treatment for eating disorders, One More Bite™ will train you in all the things you need to do at home to heal your child.  It is a comprehensive, expert guided program that you can do at your own pace and tailor to your child’s and your family’s needs.

This program consists of 8+ weekly modules that you tailor to your child’s nutritional and emotional state, plus several bonus videos devoted to special topics in eating disorders. This program will train you to refeed and support your child in a treatment system—called Family Based Treatment– that has been shown to be more effective than most inpatient and outpatient treatment programs.  You work at your own pace, according to your child’s condition and progress.

As you probably know, eating disorders are incredibly disruptive to everyone in the family.  One More Bite™ allows you the opportunity to heal your child, at the convenience of your own home, with the love and support of family and friends.  It allows your child to heal while still being able to participate in school and other normal activities.  It is also much more affordable than traditional treatment options.  One More Bite™ is designed to let you and your child return to life and all the joys that is has to offer when one is physically and psychologically healed.

While I cannot guarantee specific results, I can tell you that many parents have raved about the life changing results from using this approach.

What Clients Say About Dr. Joy

You helped save my daughter’s life. She is absolutely successful, healthy. She got accepted to all the colleges she applied to….We created a mental health awareness organization here …Every time I get a chance I share your number and your website because it was thanks to you and to God, and I swear it was God and you that saved her. And you saved my family, Joy. So I want to tell you it has been a great success. My daughter is a success. Thank you so much for giving me back my daughter. She is 1000 times better than what she was.
Mother of a teenage girl with anorexia nervosa in South America (completed One More Bite VIP Program)

Dr Joy Jacobs came into our family’s life at a critical point after my 13 year old son lost 50 pounds in 2 months and was in a downward spiral. He went from 5’10” with a solid muscular 175 lb young man’s body to a 126 pound little boy with no life.  It was heart breaking.  Dr. Jacobs was referred to me by an acquaintance whose own son had Anorexia for years with little success until she found Dr. Jacobs.  From our first visit, Joy’s direct but loving support helped our son regain his life and the activities he loved to do before anorexia.  Dr. Jacob’s explanations, education and expectations allowed our family to take control and help our son.  It wasn’t easy – in fact it was the hardest 6 months on my life as a mother of 4 kids.

Today, my son is a college athlete and thriving and we are so thankful for her guidance, knowledge and commitment to helping families overcome this terrible disease.

The mother of a 14 year old male athlete with anorexia

We are grateful that we found Dr.Jacobs after several failed attempts to cure our son’s eating disorder. Her direct approach gave us the tools as parents and a family to handle an eating disorder. Dr. Jacobs empowered us as parents to settle for nothing less than a complete recovery for our son. We only wish we had been able to find her sooner.
The mother of a 14 year old male athlete with anorexia

In October 2012, our eight-year- old daughter choked on a piece of fruit and developed a phobia about consuming solid food.  Within a few short weeks, she had lost nearly 15% of her body weight and was even complaining about the texture of smoothies — the last sustenance that she was able to consume. We were desperately worried about her health and mental well-being.  Her pediatrician knew exactly who he wanted us to see to get help:  Dr. Joy Jacobs.

From the first moment that we spoke on the phone, I felt that Dr. Jacobs would do everything that she could to support our family as we guided our daughter back to wellness.

At the beginning, when our daughter was having daily panic attacks, I needed a lot of hand-holding to have the strength to continue with our plan of systematic desensitization, as the panic attacks left our entire family exhausted, demoralized, and generally feeling like a towel that had been wrung out one too many times.

Dr. Jacobs was there for me with encouraging emails, in-depth phone calls, plans for attending a meal at our home, and our weekly in-office sessions.  Her approach was both consistent and flexible enough to tweak our plan when needed.

Thanks to Dr. Jacobs’ support, we were able to get our daughter back to eating — and relishing! — food again.  She has no lingering anxiety or other issues regarding food and is a happy, normal eight-year-old again.

The mother of an 8 year old girl with a fear of choking/food phobias

Joy became our family therapist when our daughter was diagnosed at 12 with AN.  We were struggling to help her and despite having read as much literature as we could get our hands on describing Family Based Therapy (FBT) and the Maudsley method we were not making any progress. The doctors we saw were not helping.   We were desperate when we began working with Joy and she provided immediate relief.  She started FBT right away, giving us the support we needed to begin “refeeding” our daughter the very next day.  Our family had weekly appointments with Joy (and multiple appointments during several initial and challenging weeks) and each week our daughter made SLOW but steady progress.  Our family continued to have weekly appointments for about a year and then tapered off as was appropriate through a second year.  Joy was flexible about seeing us when it was urgent and was always available by phone as well.

FBT is not an easy approach but it is parent/family driven and Joy supported our efforts every step of the way.  She clearly had vast experience working with ED and we trusted her completely based on the progress our daughter was making.  FBT is a structured approach that worked for us but was exhausting.  Joy frequently reiterated that we were involved in a “marathon” and not a “sprint” and she pushed us through when we could barely “walk”  and still pushed us when we felt as though we could begin to run.  Joy had an effective balance of tough no-nonsense talk and kind encouragement.  She understood the needs of each individual family member.

We considered our daughter fully recovered about two and a half years after her diagnosis.  Because of Joy, we had the tools to continue pushing her toward recovery even after we moved out of the area.  She has been a healthy weight for almost two years now and lives a completely normal teenage life.  During the many times I told Joy this would NEVER be possible she told me never lose hope and keep doing what we were doing. In part I feel we owe our daughters’ life to Joy.

The mother of an 12 year old girl with anorexia

It was a day filled with mixed emotions (I think my son felt more nervous than excited). I on the other hand cried over the path we just walked but also for the bright future ahead. Ironically, in the room next to us was a 20- year old girl and her parents screaming and crying. The girl did not want help and said she would rather die then gain weight. Tears filled my eyes for both her and her parents, knowing all too well where they are in the disorder. I could only say a prayer and thank my many blessings for my healthy 190 lb son walking by my side leaving the program alive.

I am not sure how to thank you for not only saving one live but two!  Your expertise and confidence in yourself and in me for the job I had to do helped me keep my son alive. Try as I may, I can not find a way to properly thank you in proportion to the gratitude my heart and soul feel. You truly were a lifesaver. In a very dark time you were our only light. Sometimes I think I want to wipe out the memories of what we just came through, but yet I’m smart enough to know we are different people now because of it….in a good way. We are both stronger.

The mother of a 19 year old with an atypical eating disorder

Our son was diagnosed with a serious case of Anorexia Nervosa when he was only 13 years old. We live in Alberta, Canada, and had no access to family-based treatment for eating disorders in our home town.

We were very fortunate to get in touch with Dr. Joy Jacobs. With her help and coaching, we were able to support our son to recovery. He was back to healthy weight within 3 months after we started refeeding him at home; and continued with normal growth and development without a relapse throughout his high school years.

Our success in helping our son manage his eating disorder is a testament to Joy’s knowledge and dedication. She was with us every step of the way, providing a much needed “reality check”, guidance and encouragement, and most importantly– hope.  We came to depend on our appointments with Joy to give us strategies and keep us focused.

Her professional expertise, compassion and commitment to our family made it possible for us to go through this very stressful and confusing time.

The mother of a 13 year old boy with anorexia

The Details: What You Get
8 weekly modules: These self-paced modules are designed to train you in the management of your child’s eating disorder
3 bonus modules related to special topics in eating disorders, including special considerations related to bulimia, eating outside the home and body image concerns
Worksheets, sample logs, forms, and other checklists designed to organize and implement your individually tailored program
Being the parent of a child of an eating disorder is very stressful. I have developed stress management tools specially designed to support you throughout this program and beyond

VIP Track: 2, 50 minute phone/video conference calls with Dr. Joy Jacobs, plus bonuses

  • Bonus 1: quarterly group coaching call with Dr. Jacobs for your first year
  • Bonus 2: weekly email support for the first month of your program
  • Bonus 3: Opportunity to join closed parent support group, if available
In Depth Outline of Your Program

{ Weekly Modules }



Introduction and education on eating disorders


How it works. Getting started with your program, baseline weigh ins and setting up for success


Day 1—What to do? How to handle meals, grocery shopping, meltdowns and tantrums



Reviewing your first week and tweaking your plan.



Detailed review of your week. This module is repeated weekly until your child is eating easily and showing signs of recovery


Looking Ahead—assessing readiness to move to stage 2 of the program and implementing stage 2. Your child begins eating on her/his own again.  How to handle meals, cooking, grocery shopping, exercise and more.


Moving into full recovery. Assessing readiness for and implementing stage 3 of the program.  Moving into full recovery and building a new life


Moving onto life after an eating disorder. Program conclusion.

{ Bonus Modules }



Body Image: How to handle self image issues and clothes shopping


Traveling/Eating in Restaurants: Detailed guidance for eating outside of your home


Bulimia: Special advice if your child has bulimia

Worksheets, Forms and Checklists

These tools will help you tailor your program to your child and your family.  You will also be able to track your progress in recovery:
Meal Planner & Grocery Shopping Aid
Weight Graph


Food Journal


Family Contract Template


Physical Activity Log


And More!!!


About Dr. Joy Jacobs

Stress Management Tools

Being a caregiver of someone with an eating disorder can be a stressful business.  Healing your child from an eating disorder requires your focused attention and energy.  Included are weekly stress management tools tailored to your precise stage in the program and your own needs at that time.

The VIP Tracks


By signing up for the VIP Track in this program, you get personal access to Dr. Joy. One More Bite™ VIP’s get the following:


  • 2, 50 minute phone/video conference calls with Dr. Joy Jacobs. This will allow you to take advantage of Dr. Joy’s extensive experience and expertise in tailoring the program to your child and addressing any obstacles you face.
  • Bonus 1: quarterly group coaching call with Dr. Jacobs for your first year. These group calls allow parents in the program to access Dr. Joy between their individual calls and ask questions they have.  Group coaching also offers direct contact with and collaboration with other families.
  • Bonus 2: weekly email support for the first month of your program. Joy will answer one email per week for the first month of your program.  If you have questions that need to be answered, you can ask Dr. Joy or request feedback on meal logs, family agreements, and so on.
  • Bonus 3: Signing up for the VIP track offers you the opportunity to connect with other families in the One More Bite™    Here you can share helpful tips, find support, and trade war stories.  Parents say this opportunity to connect is an invaluable feature of the program.
Dr. Joy Jacobs is a clinical psychologist in private practice, assistant clinical professor at UCSD School of Medicine, and published author who provides individual, family and group therapy for adults, adolescents, and children with eating disorders (including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder) and weight management concerns. She has trained in multiple treatment modalities, including Family Based Treatment, dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and interpersonal psychotherapy.

Dr. Jacobs is one of the few officially certified providers of Family Based Treatment for eating disorders nationwide and internationally and has lectured and published on this topic for more than a decade.

Dr. Jacobs is an expert cited in many national publications and media outlets, including Elle, US News and World Report, the Today Show, Time Magazine, Fox News and more on eating disorders, body image, weight management and related topics. Dr. Jacobs is also the author of a blog sponsored by Psychology Today, titled One More Bite.

Dr. Jacobs spearheaded and developed the innovative intensive Family Based Treatment program for eating disorders at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) Treatment and Research Program and was its lead family therapist. She was on the founding team of the clinic, where she completed a postdoctoral fellowship under the mentorship of internationally renowned eating disorders expert, Dr. Walter Kaye.

Dr. Jacobs has extensive experience in utilizing family-based treatments for adolescent anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, as well as for pediatric overweight and obesity.

Dr. Jacobs serves on the Professional Advisory Panel for Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders (F.E.A.S.T). She is a member of the Academy for Eating Disorders and has served on its Media Affairs and Social Media committees. Dr. Jacobs also supports the American Dietetic Association, the Eating Disorders Coalition, and the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA).

Dr. Jacobs obtained her doctoral training in clinical psychology at the SDSU/UCSD Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. She completed her undergraduate work at Duke University, graduating summa cum laude and completed her juris doctorate at Harvard Law School. Among her activities prior to pursuing a career in psychology, Dr. Jacobs worked in New York as an intellectual property attorney and on the editorial staff of Vogue magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this program for?
It is for parents and/or other caregivers of children, teens, and young adults with eating disorders. You must live, or be willing to live, with the ED sufferer for it to be effective.





Do I need to find a local therapist?
This is your decision.  Many geographic regions do not have therapists specially trained in the assessment and treatment of eating disorders.  This program is designed for those who either do not have access to treatment in their region or cannot afford out of pocket treatment costs.





Is this for all eating disorders?
This program will be most effective for those diagnosed with anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.  Please contact Dr. Jacobs for specific tailoring related to atypical eating disorders or binge eating concerns.
What if my child has not yet been diagnosed with an eating disorder, but I suspect there is a problem? Can I still do One More Bite™?
Ideally, your child should be evaluated by an eating disorder specialist for diagnosis. If this is not possible for whatever reason, your child may still benefit from this program.  This program is designed to encourage a balanced diet.  This program encourages you to feed your child a wide variety of foods.
How do I take care of my child’s medical needs?
Eating disorders have high rates of medical complications.  It is imperative that your child be under the regular care of trained physician.  If your child absolutely refuses to eat and is at medical risk, he/she should be hospitalized.
Do you guarantee my child will recover?
It is impossible to guarantee the results of this program. That said, families who implement this protocol diligently and consistently generally report significant improvements in their child’s eating disordered behavior and psychological functioning.  The goal of this program is full recovery for your child.  In my experience, families who follow it diligently achieve this goal.





Can I repeat One More Bite™ or review it later?
Yes. You will have lifetime access to the program and any updates.  All the worksheets are downloadable and designed for your ongoing use.





What if I am not happy with the program?
If you are not satisfied with this program, you will be entitled to a full refund within the first 14 days of purchase, provided that you provide copies of the completed homework assignments and planning logs that are essential to the program’s success.





Program Tracks and Pricing
This program has 2 tracks.