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Group Coaching with Dr. Joy

Do you want to be free of the binge/restrict cycle….Impossible? Not anymore! You said you wanted me on speed dial.  I listened.  I am here to hook you up with a whole new way to navigate life with food. I invite you to be in the conversation of recovery. 

How would you like to feel confident, enthusiastic and at peace with your food? How would it feel to be energized and excited for what’s ahead, not suffering in deprivation, self hatred and misery?

It’s possible now, with a group coaching program I have been working tirelessly to create and perfect for YOU. 

May 2022 Group

Start Date:

Monday, May 2

End Date:

Monday, October 24

We will meet the first, second and fourth Mondays of each month from 4-5:30 pm Pacific time.

I am thrilled to announce a 6 month program designed to carry you seamlessly through the spring, summer and fall. Some of the mind blowing results experienced by previous group members are described by clients themselves below.

This program will give you the depth and breath of tools and support you need to navigate your life BINGE FREE and to continue to move toward your ultimate health goals.


“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

Karen Lamb

There is no more time to waste.

The time is now.

Before I move on to the details and logistics of this group, I think it might be helpful to hear about results and feedback from participants of previous groups.

“My eating disorder has gone into remission”

“This group has been the most helpful thing for me since I joined BLE.”

“Just signing up for this group shifted me.”

“I wanted to tell you again how impressed and touched I am by your skills as a therapist. Your approach, questions, and suggestions for each person are so individualized. Sometimes I find myself wondering what you will say about a person’s revelations and each time, I am amazed that you never provide cookie cutter answers because that would be so much easier. I always learn from your coaching and find myself eager as Monday approaches, knowing I can let your love and wisdom wash over me and allow healing from the inside out.”

Binge free after just signing up. For real.

Full remission after only a few sessions.

“My binge eating disorder has gone into remission!”

“Being in this group works wonders.”

Miraculous changes. Fast.

“I am incredibly grateful that I’ve been free of binge hell since Jan. 2020 as a result of BLE abstinence and small group coaching with Dr. Joy Jacobs. All things are possible.”

Outcomes like this inspire me to continue to offer a group coaching experience and to have a mindset of continuous improvement.

Recently, a graduate of my group shared her fabulous before and after pics with our community. Even knowing her hard work and dedication over many months and several sessions of group, I have to say I was floored. She credited the group and the relationships she developed within our group environment as pivotal to getting her to goal.

Miracles like this are possible with just a little extra support and dedicated attention to YOU and your specific needs. You do not need to suffer alone anymore. You are not incurable. Help is available to you.

There are a select few spots open for this group. It is an incredible opportunity for you to get the help and support you want–both from me and your peers–in an affordable and effective way. It is an incredible value for anyone looking to up their game and maximize the benefits they receive from their program.

In the group, you will receive significant personal attention like you would get in 1:1 work, plus the amazing and “game changing” support of a group to hold space for you on a daily basis as you embark on potentially massive change. This group promises to carry you with more ease than you may have felt in a long time. It is my personal promise to you.

Start Date:

Monday, May 2

End Date:

Monday, October 24

We will meet the first, second and fourth Mondays of each month from 4-5:30 pm Pacific time.

(We will not meet on the 4th of July, Labor Day, or September 26)(other dates subject to change). Week three of each month will be dedicated to integration and community building activities.

This group promises to enhance your foundation of recovery and provide you the confidence and support to carry you through.

Someone in the most recent session told me, “Just signing up shifted me.” She is now binge free. The seemingly impossible happens when we show up for ourselves. This group will allow you to do just that.

The group includes

The base price of the 6 month session is $2800

90 minute group sessions with me

Recordings from each session

Coaching Emails

Group Support Between Sessions (If Wanted)

Access to a private conversation space for this group only

90 minute sessions include 1:1 coaching with me

Access to emotional freedom technique (EFT) training and use in session

Specialized meditations targeted at healing addiction and facilitating healing on a physiological and neurological level

enhanced support add on option

The base price of the 6 month session plus the enhanced support option is $4000

If you would like personalized troubleshooting, meal plan feedback, and 1:1 support from me between sessions (basically Dr. Joy at your fingertips!), you can add this on to your group option for less than $50 per week, totaling $4000). This is called the “enhanced support” group option. I highly recommend this option if you’ve been struggling. It will guarantee that you have feedback from me whenever you need it. The large majority of group members choose this option, and it has proven invaluable for their recovery.


If you would like to join this incredible, life changing group,  you will need to register within the next few days order to reserve your spot.

The deadline for registration is  9am PST on Sunday, April 24. 

I will be capping the number of people in the group, and spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

*** Please note that this is not a BLE program. This is an offering I am providing through my private practice to further support your BLE journey. This is for new clients only and for returning group members. 

summary of group information

The group will meet on the first, second and fourth Mondays of the month, from 4-5:30pm Pacific from May 2–October 24. Exceptions listed above. We will meet by Zoom (video, that also has telephone options).

It will be a round robin group, where everyone has a chance to share and receive focused, personalized attention tailored to your unique needs and challenges.

Below is some additional powerful feedback from members of recent groups on their experiences:

“It was the game changer for me with my program.”

“Being in this group was a profound experience – the first time I have been able to truly open up to others and truly take in the support without holding back because of my own negative self talk.”

“Your particular combination of unconditional love for where we are plus focus on clear, consistent action steps is working for me. You also have laser-sharp and quick insight into what is going on with each of us, which I see as quality of genius!”

“The intimacy of the small group and the sense of being held and supported by you was very healing for me. I also felt that the coaching was a fit for me in a way all the other eating disorder therapy and coaching was not.”

“I learned so much from each of us, and you remind me so much of my dear friend _____, who is a relentless force for seeing only the light and love and goodness in each person, no matter how they show up in any particular moment.

As for me, I am more solid and confident in my BLE program, more compassionate with myself (although the inner critic is shouting loudly today) and the people around me, and more calm about facing the new year with my food prescription in hand, which always leads to calmness in other areas of my life. “

“I’m really grateful for this group and it’s only been two sessions and so far it’s been worth every penny. Thank you!! “

“I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you for helping me to change my life around food and eating. You’ve helped me challenge and set aside 50+ years of negative thinking and self-destructive habits. I’ve had a profound shift, in that what seemed impossible to confront and change has proven to be entirely possible…..I appreciate your intelligence, ED experience, perceptiveness, and grace.”

“My binge eating disorder has gone into remission!”

*** Please note that this is not a BLE program. This is an offering I am providing through my private practice to further support your BLE journey. This is for new clients only and for returning group members. 

Closer to the group starting date, you will receive an email with access information and guidelines for the group.

I look forward to sharing this powerful and hopefully life changing experience with you.

Finally, if you have friends or buddies, particularly those newer to BLE, please feel free to share this group information with them. One of my missions in life is to help anyone who wants to be, OUT OF THE DITCH. Let the remainder of this year be a recovery filled and joyful one for us all!

All my very best,