Hi there! It is so nice to be back to the blog after a bit of a hiatus.

Although I have not been posting here recently about Family Based Treatment (FBT) for eating disorders, I have been digging in very, very deep. I have developed exciting new programs that offer to democratize access to cutting edge treatment and make it affordable for all who need it. For more information on this development, you can find it at drjoyjacobs.com

I’m so happy to be back, in every way for you. We will continue to explore the ins and out, ups and down, and tricky but rewarding nuances of FBT.

Since my last installment here, I have to say that I am tremendously encouraged by a growing acceptance of FBT and a greater dissemination of it among clinicians. That said, the battle is still very much an uphill one. Nearly every day I hear new stories that practically make my hair stand on end.

Most recently, I worked with a family whose 12 year old daughter with anorexia was in a residential facility for many months and not gaining a pound! With FBT, she has been gaining weight at a steady clip since discharge. The family lives in a very large metropolitan area and they still are having to educate their providers–including eating disorder “specialists”– about the importance of family treatment. These providers treat the parents with extreme distrust–as if healing their child at home is NOT ok!

As a field, we must do better.

The more that families can share their truth and educate their own providers, the better! The efforts continue to disseminate and collect data on FBT continue.

Now, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on suspicion at the doctor’s office and how you have handled it.